HEMA Crane Equipment is part of K.S.M. Kragelund A/S, a 100% Danish and privately owned company with approximately 80 employees.


We welcome you as a customer at HEMA Crane Equipment.

HEMA crane equipment, located in central Jutland by highway E45, produces grapples, pallet forks and special equipment for cranes and excavators and sell a large assortment of rotators.

The development within the transport sector demands flexibility and new products that facilitate work. At HEMA we closely monitor the development in order to meet the requirements and expectations the customers have for their equipment and utilities. This means that HEMA is part of finding a solution for customers searching for a special product in connection with the many transportation tasks.


HEMA Crane Equipment is produced on the basis of a wide range of standard products, available in different sizes and designs.

With the wide range of HEMA products, it is possible to cover most of the needs within the construction and haulage industry.

HEMA’s products are aimed at all users of cranes and excavators in any form, both hydraulic and electric-hydraulic.

Simultaneously with our own products, HEMA sells Baltrotor and Indexator rotators of various sizes and types.

Our products are manufactured at K.S.M. Kragelund, the main company behind HEMA, with approximately 80 employees and is a major subcontractor department for the steel industry.

K.S.M. excels within steel contructions and manufacturing of both small and big special tasks.

Quality, efficiency and flexibility are our starting points within production, where we have extensive experience in plate bending, plate cutting, rolling, flame cutting and welding.

The products in our catalog are a large segment of our products and if you do not find what you are looking for, then we will be happy to help find the right solution for you.


The machine factory K.S.M. Kragelund A/S is located between Vejle and Horsens and is one of the many machine industries in growth. K.S.M. Kragelund was founded in 1961 and was run by only one employee. The company has since been in rapid development and today it has approximately 80 employees.

Our activities are divided into the following three main fields:

  • Sheet metal cutting, rolling, bending and welding. This is primarily subcontracting work for the machine industry.
  • Own production of crane equipment sold under the name HEMA Crane Equipment
  • A traditional machine workshop that repairs equipment for, among other things, agriculture and industry.

In 1999, K.S.M. Kragelund bought Kolster Engineering – an engineering company specializing in projecting, construction and sale of flue gas dampers for the power plant heating industry and container ships. By the end of 2015, the company merged with K.S.M. Kragelund and is now part of K.S.M. Kragelund and functions as an independent department.

Through its work in the industry, K.S.M. Kragelund has become renowned for quality, high flexibility, high level of service, delivery security, skilled employees, reasonable pricing policy, as well as cooperativeness and ability.

The owners of K.S.M. take part in most activities, and through a flat management structure we ensure high employee involvement. This provides a positive attitude and reflects a high degree of cooperativeness and ability.

By this we hope to be the natural choice for our customers.


Through our skilled employees and high quality, we want to be known for our ability to always find creative solutions for our customers and ourselves. 

We want to be a notable player on the Danish market within traditional forging.

We produce and market a number of proprietary quality products and services that naturally fall in line with our high level of competence. 


K.S.M. is a modern forging and machine factory, which through skilled employees, performs all types of subcontracting work within welding, cutting, as well as rolling, bending and sawing work.

Modern machines and equipment, combined with our creative capabilities for fast conversion, ensures high quality and fast delivery.

In addition to subcontracting work, we produce and market HEMA equipment and KOLSTER dampers, as well as perform service tasks for industry and agriculture. 


We deliver with professional pride, as agreed


We are open, honest and responsible


We become stronger by using each other’s strengths


We recognize each other’s diversity


We create improvements through the will for innovation


We care about our employees and surroundings